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It's Harvest Time!

And when you do that...when you intentionally give your gifts to a broken and dying world, God shows up and brings LIFE—not only to YOU, but to the harvest fields He has purposed for you to bring in with your unique mix of gifts and talents. 

​come and join us... 

And other women and youth just like you and enjoy a power-packed and FUN day of learning, living, singing & sharing—and becoming—more of the beautiful person God created you to be. 



Awaken Your Fields

Spirit, Soul & Body

If you missed this dynamic conference in Colorado Springs, you can CONTACT us to find out how to bring this conference to your area. Please email us at


* Do you long to know what your passion, purpose & calling are?

* Do you ever ask yourself, "Why did God create me the way that

   He did?"  

* Do you know specifically what your unique mix of gifts and

   talents are and what God has purposed you to do with them?  

This special women and youth conference will help you to truly understand and embrace your specific giftings that God uniquely created in YOU (spirit, soul & body), even BEFORE He formed you in your mother's womb (Jeremiah 1:5). You will learn how God has specific works marked out for you that He prepared in advance for you to do (Ephesian 2:10). 

This conference will AWAKEN you to who God created you to be; and why! Once you understand and embrace your own uniqueness (your own gifting 'fields') the way God created you; then you can look to the harvest fields out in the world—the people, the nations, or even those in your own back yard—and give your gifts, your unique gifts and talents, to a broken world.