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Carla Wellington is the owner of Vision Communications Group (VCG) and the founding director of the nonprofit project, Royal Diadem Destinies. Her work and ministry life are combined into one driving passion: Helping to AWAKEN vision in the lives of women/men, youth and nonprofit leaders, so they will KNOW and IMPACT the HARVEST FIELDS they are assigned to; with their unique GIFTINGS. She accomplishes this through powerful and dynamic training workshops, coaching programs, speaking engagements and authored materials.

Carla's eleven years of corporate telecom background in various marketing, training and project management capacities—combined with eighteen years of leadership training, coaching, speaking and consulting—provides those with whom she works a unique understanding, confidence and ability to clearly see their vision and learn step-by-step how to communicate it and bring it to life! 

Carla is especially passionate about helping people learn how to awaken and use their natural gifts and talents in pursuit of their passion, purpose and dreams. For those who are going through a transition in life, at a crossroad and not sure what steps to take next, feeling stuck and frustrated about not knowing their true passion and purpose, Carla has developed a unique training and coaching program—Awaken Your Gifts and Turn Your Talents Into Treasures—where people identify their own unique mix of gifts & talents and learn how to use them to bring their passion and purpose to life—making the greatest impact in their world. Carla often shares, "Nothing brings me more fulfillment than seeing someone discover and know what they were 'born to do', awaken their God-given gifts & talents and grow in the knowledge and confidence it takes to truly live out their passion and purpose, with excellence!" 

In addition to Carla's ongoing
training seminars and coaching programs,  she is a frequent speaker and guest trainer at various local, national and international conferences and loves to share the life-affirming message of Awaken Your Fields with people of all ages and cultures. Carla recently spent time in India and the UK, helping young people and women learn how they are uniquely gifted, and how to bring those gifts to the world in a way that makes a difference. 

Carla is co-author of the book Savvy Leadership Strategies for Women which contains a wealth of strategies, best practices and proven guidelines for emerging and experienced women leaders (for-profit, nonprofit, any woman with a dream); helping them become the most confident, inspiring and influential leaders they can be. She is currently working on her second book that will equip, encourage and empower youth and adults to awaken their fields and SHINE! 

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